deepends on the size of tjhe wolf, but generaklly i would bet on the boerbol due to its jaw structure and more robust build, it seems that wolves don't hesitate in their attacks on a domestic dogs no matter their breed or size, of man and beast , you gave me a good laugh mate. A well trained, socialized Boerboel makes a splendid pet. This website uses cookies for functionality, analytics and advertising purposes as described in our, [font='LUCIDA GRANDE', TAHOMA, VERDANA, ARIAL, SANS-SERIF]✔, ... ,_gray.php,, ... 09953.html. TheIndomitableCanine. Boerboel kopen als huisdier Wanneer u overgaat tot de aanschaf van een boerboelpup, dient u zich te realiseren dat deze gespierde rashond doorlopend behoefte heeft aan bewegingsvrijheid. De eerste boerboel ooit die in hetzelfde jaar zowel de Boerboel International als de SABBS keuring won! The name ‘Boerboel’ is derived from an Afrikaans/Dutch word, and the large Boerboel dog from South Africa has been specifically bred to be a farmer’s dog. Which wouldn't happen if he/she is a lone wolf. Left unattended, your pet can battle with tooth decay and gum disease. An adult Boerboel will certainly need raw meat in his diet. Boerboel vs kangal. He’ll need plenty of exercise, but he loves to also spend time indoors with his human family. See more ideas about African boerboel, Mastiff dogs, Beautiful dogs. In one on one I believe the boerboel would have the size, and strength advantage. Boerboel vs kangal Boerboel . lol. Strongest boerboel vs small wolf (25-35 kg) is fight to the blood. It seems that the reason for this is that it is due to current legislation, and vaccine manufacturers don’t want to support wolf dogs as pets because they are considered to be dangerous. Yes, they can be loyal, loving pets but always you will have the shadow of the dog or wolf’s unpredictable behavior. It is illegal to own the wolfdog in some states. 250 1. When you add the genes of a wild animal to the pool, you get a crossbreed and when its an animal from the wild, its nature is unpredictable. Now he weighs about 75kg and has A… However, it needs to be taken on a long daily walk. A wonderful dog but needs exercise and can be a real handful because a bit more independent. Boerboel. It can show bouts of aggressiveness around strangers and be highly protective of its family. The breed is also known as the **South African boerboel. When you do research, you find that the best Boerboel breeders are advocates for raw feeding. Here is a list of some traits of the South Africa Boerboel. See more ideas about Boerboel, African boerboel, South african mastiff. When not on guard, they make wonderful pets. The Boerboel is a big, strong dog with powerful muscles. Dog world! Post Aug 31, 2009 #1 2009-08-31T00:19. Animal vs Animal > Animal v Animal > Animal vs Animal > Gray Wolf vs South African Boerboel . Every year, heaps of these hybrids are abandoned due to humans interfering with nature. He is similar looking to the Boxer dog, just heavier and bigger. Bullmastiff vs Boerboel. The Boerboel is a very calm and stable breed, with a great composure and confidence. But Boerboel requires Low maintenance. Plenty of activities will be imperative to maintain muscle mass and ward off obesity. 850. Unicellular Organism. See more of Boerboel on Facebook. Like any other dog, these Wolf dogs will also possibly develop tumors. 250 1. 45-60 kg wolf vs boerboel is it looks like predator who kills its prey. Boerboel simply means "farm dog" in Afrikaans. They often get bad publicity as regards to aggression, but this is because of they way they have been raised. Aug 9, 2017 - This Pin was discovered by Diane Gaines. In was in January 2010, that the American Boerboel Club was elected as the AKC’s Parent Club. Over-eating suppresses the immune system, so over-feeding your dog simply contributes to ill health. The Boerboel, pronounced Boo-r-bull, is a large guardian dog which is also known as the South African Mastiff.. An impressive breed, they are one of the most powerful dogs in the world, exerting more than 450 pounds of pressure per square inch when they bite. The Boerboel will get a lot exercise if it has a large yard to run and play. Also since it has thick skin you could consider it an armour. Now he weighs 75kg and has A hips, 0/0 elbows and… People mesmerized by the wolf long to bring some of that wildness home, and the wolfdog is supposed to do this. The boerboel, also know as the South African Mastiff was created to guard the homestead as a farm working dog. Gray wolves range in color from grizzled gray or black to all-white. Both Wolfdog and Boerboel has same litter size. The Boerboel height is about 25 to 28 inches, weighing anywhere between 140 to 200 pounds. Het is dus geen goed idee om een boerboel te houden in een etagewoning of in een huis zonder tuin. Your Boerboel puppy will need ‘large breed puppy’ dog food. Feb 9, 2017 - The Boerboel is South Africa's very own dog breed.