The challenge is, and I suspect you may know this already, that Mexico is really the only warm-weather place you can reach in under 6 hours from Las Vegas. Yangon With 10 weeks you’ll have more than enough time to visit all of the top sights in all four of those countries. You’ll be able to get comfortable bus service between all of your stops, with longer city pairs usually connected by overnight buses with sleeper seats. You’ll get great summer weather in January, and you’ve got so many great choices once you get there. She is 19 and has never been out of the US. How do you think I should distribute my 10 weeks across each country (roughly)? But it’s also somewhat generic because the tourism industry for Westerners dominates everything, and it’s also the most expensive place in Thailand. After spending many years traveling around Asia, Kuala Lumpur is my favorite big city, and I also highly recommend Georgetown on the island of Penang and Malacca down south. Hi Roger, Ive been reading all your reviews and you really seem to know how to help people. If you just show up in town there's a good chance you can find a cheap room, but arrive early in the day if possible. Ecuador is one of the South American countries that I’ve yet to visit myself, so I won’t be of much help. Peru My daughter is fluent in Spanish, if that helps. And whatever you are interested in, you’ll be able to get hotels even at the last minute. Netherlands Hi Roger Sorry for the delay in responding. >>>Check current Rio de Janeiro hotel and package deals, Needless to say, there are no destinations in the main part of Europe that could qualify as having great weather in January, but there is still one place worth mentioning…. Thailand is the easiest, but Vietnam and Cambodia are cheaper. I really appreciate your help… thank you! She’s in college and I have read where she can get a student discount on museums and such. Egypt is indeed cheap once you get there, but many people are holding off visiting there for safety reasons. Aruba France Three to 7 days is a pretty short trip so you probably wouldn’t want to take a long enough flight to get to Buenos Aires or Spain, and those flights would eat up more than half your budget as well. You could do Spain and Portugal either by train or rented car, but I think you’d be happier elsewhere. Thanks in advance! Vancouver We travel light so do not want cold weather, although we understand layering when needed. Malaga, The alcohol in Malaysia is a bit expensive though, although in stores it’s pretty cheap so you can always have a drink or two in your room to save a bit of money. Thanks for the comment. i wanted Thailand but it’s about 42hours to get there… blech. Currently San Pedro (the main city on Ambergris Caye) is the only city in Belize that we cover, and it's also the most expensive resort area in the country. The good news is that Puerto Vallarta is a wonderful option that is even better in some ways. And there are many more interesting places to consider as well. January is part of the peak season in Santiago as the ideal weather draws people from all over South America who have vacation time. I’m an Australian that graduates from college at the end of the year, I’ll have 2-3 months to travel (mid-Nov to end of Jan). >>>Buenos Aires prices January and February are the best weather months (and most crowded), as it starts to become scorching by late March. Weather data for Egypt in january is derived from an average of the weather forecast since 2009 in Egypt. If you Google ‘Bali spiritual trip’ or things like that I’m sure you’ll find some options and most will probably be in or near Ubud. Can go almost anywhere in the world except countries that won’t allow entry with an Israeli stamp in the passport. This place used to be a German settlement, so it still has an abundance of small chocolate shops and some architecture to carry on that theme. You might still have to change planes in BA, but overall that would be more efficient than having to go back and forth to the airport over and over. Thailand is very easy for me, as I’ve traveled there frequently. , Great. My initial choice was Boracay, but we just heard that it’s flooded, and the conditions arent likely to improve. I’d highly recommend spending maybe 3 or 4 days in Ho Chi Minh City and then taking the train up to Denang to visit Hoi An for a few days and then up to Hanoi for a few days including Ha Long Bay. If you had something else in mind, let me know and I’ll try again. So you can pack your bags and check when is the best time to go to Egypt. None of those have major public disputes among ruling parties, but they are all still about 20 years behind Thailand when it comes to infrastructure. However, Iceland is just below the Arctic Circle so in early January the sun barely comes up at all. Thank you for all the great suggestions…would you recommend staying in one city the whole time and then travel from there or stay for a couple weeks one place and another couple weeks somewhere else…thank you again, When I spent a month in Argentina I used Buenos Aires as a base and did short trips from there. -Roger), January is one of the warmer but wetter months on Machu Picchu, so it’s not ideal. ... Carmen Sandiego: Season 4: From the snowy Himalayas to the pyramids of Egypt, ... Leaving Netflix in January 2021. I look forward to your advice. Czechia Montevideo, When I arrived home I repacked and spent two months. Keeping within the 6 hours each way your top choices, as you probably know, are Los Cabos and Puerto Vallarta, both of which are lovely and safe. I’m a bit over it myself because it’s so built up that it’s lost much of its charm for me, but millions go every year and they keep coming back. I’m in NYC and I’m looking to travel somewhere warm (70s-80s) for 2-3 weeks sometime in late January to mid-February. Most of Penang is pretty modern except for the colonial center of George Town, so you get a bit of both there. Buenos Aires is a wonderful city that feels far more like Europe than it does Latin America. It sounds like you are thinking about going to Europe. I’ve read about the Boracay flooding and I’d be surprised if it was still an issue a month from now. Phuket, as you may know, is the largest island and it has its own busy international airport so it’s the easiest beach area to fly into. An exception is Dubai (below) and Abu Dhabi, which both have perfect sunny weather. -Roger, How about Puerto Rico? January is in the winter in Hurghada and is typically the coldest month of the year. There is a charming small town on the east coast called Puducherry, which used to be run by the French and is more famously called Pondicherry, and that is a place to consider. Needless to say, you'll want to check the most current information for any destination before you book. Dar es Salaam, I’d like to take my kids for a few days & just enjoy sand & sun. Can you suggest something along those lines? In Jamaica I quite like the Negril area because it’s mainly filled with small, independent hotels along 7-Mile Beach, so you can walk from place to place trying different things every day. The actual hotel zone in Cancun is mostly high-rise hotels overlooking beaches, while if you go about an hour south you'll arrive in Playa del Carmen, which is a lovely and tourist-friendly town with smaller hotels and excellent choices for dining, nightlife, and shopping. In other words, the hotels are generally in good condition, it’s easy to get around speaking only English, and the locals you deal with are generally quite honest. My boyfriend has placed a deposit on a holiday to Marbella in Jan .I’m concerned the weather won’t be hot enough.He can only manage a 2 hour flight from the Uk . In Thailand it’s like 70%. The tourist infrastructure (flights, comfortable buses, trains, ferries) is very modern and easy to book and use for English speakers. >>>Dubai prices Hoi An, Also, when you want to book a bus or tour in Vietnam you usually do it in a local “travel agency” shop. One thing that I’m worried about is the Lunar New Year coming up in late January. Let me know if you have any questions about any of this. I like exploring the local outdoor scenery, enjoy bicycling, and love great food. You should be able to find something on Airbnb at a good price. Morocco in January is a far better option than anything in continental Europe and most of that region, but it is probably colder than you are hoping for and you’d need a jacket or sweater every day, at least in the major tourist cities. As an aside, your job is what I’d love to do when I grow up. I actually think Buenos Aires would be ideal for what is sounds like you have in mind for early in the year. Despite the superb weather in Egypt throughout January, the climate of cities close to the Nile border on cold. Another factor is that many people from around the world would not consider Chicago or Detroit to be “safe.” As you probably know, the problems there tend to be focused on gang members in specific areas that are not near tourist areas at all, but some people would still refuse to go to those cities. Hi, If you go down that mountain it’s 31C almost every afternoon of the year. Unless it’s an exceptional destination, we’d prefer to keep the trip under $4K if possible. Mexico City can make for a great trip all by itself, with fascinating sights, great shopping, and excellent nightlife, but it's also close to ruins and many other interesting sights that can make for good day trips. Terri, That’s a big question. And if you did I think Thailand would be ideal for what you have in mind. I would like warm weather. Marrakech -Roger, Hi Roger And the beaches just east of Old San Juan in the district of Condado are some of the best in the Caribbean. Daily News Egypt January 2, 2021 Comments Off The Egyptian Meteorological Authority (EMA) has announced stable weather conditions across Egypt for a period of three days starting from Saturday. I have loved most places I’ve been to in France, excluding the southern portions like Nice, Montpellier, and Ames, etc. Again, it’s super cheap once you get there (jetBlue flies nonstop from FLL), and it’s very nice. Wind. Male, Myanmar Like everywhere I go, I use good judgment and focus on safety. There are other popular islands with good infrastructure for English speaking tourists including Ko Phi Phi and Phuket. I want some place warm enough to be comfortable for a baby to travel around outside with me but not necessarily beach weather. We love natural settings, interesting cultural places, and beautiful scenery. In Calungute and Baga it might feel like prices are only a bit cheaper than in, say, Spain, but if you go to Anjuna or Vagator and find a family-run hotel and eat in local restaurants you'll be spending a fraction of that. The good news is that things are still far cheaper than pretty much anywhere else in the world. January is peak season in Dubai not because it's so warm but because Europe is so cold this month. It’s a really interesting mix of Malay, Chinese, and Indian cultures and it’s quite affordable for what you get. I prefer something not in Mexico. >>>Check Bangkok and Thailand hotel prices. Trinidad and Tobago -Roger. Aside from those, most of the rest of your trip will feel more like South America in that things will be cheaper and more exotic to you. And Malaga itself is quite an interesting city that is worth some time as well. One option that might work that also has some culture is the Playa del Carmen area, which is just south of Cancun. First off, English isn’t widely spoken in any of the Spanish-speaking countries, and Brazil is only a bit better. I only speak English, but have travelled Asia, Africa, carribean previously. Hopefully this gives you some ideas to consider. -Roger. On a budget of US$35 per day I think you are in the right area in Vietnam or perhaps Cambodia and Laos. Great recommendations! Naples, -Roger. Better still, and unlike anywhere else in the Caribbean, you have all of the modern conveniences with large supermarkets and that sort of thing. However, I just got back from Punta Cana myself, and I can see that you can get from Vancouver to Punta Cana also with a single plane change in Toronto. If you didn’t want to do India, then my other best suggestion would be Thailand, probably one of the smaller islands such as Koh Phan Gan. The goal is to slow down, reflect, get centered and reconnect with myself. My husband and I are looking to book an anniversary trip in January. I’m interested in a retreat type trip beginning in early January. >>>Ambergris Caye prices And it really is a beautiful place. Bariloche is a mountain resort town in southern Argentina where you can expect it to be mild and crowded, so it can be a nice break from the hot coastal cities. Since you asked this question below an article that discusses cheap destinations with great weather in January, I’ll assume you want a place that’s affordable and warm then. Brazil Mexico, of course, also has its problems and a US State Department travel warning of its own. My top pick for a holiday rental like that near a Caribbean beach is San Juan, Puerto Rico. The most popular smaller islands are Ko Samui, Ko Pha Gnan and Ko Phi Phi. Sorry there aren’t more options for you. That is funny and appreciated, but I’m used to people looking for something great, cheap, and quick. I barely speak any Spanish and it was easy in the first two on this list, and a bit more challenging in Cartagena. If you have an umbrella or a pancho you’ll still enjoy it in the rain, and when it’s wet they sell those things right when you get off the train. >>>Check current Cape Town hotel and package deals. I have traveled a lot and have 2 weeks to venture somewhere from Melbourne… we were thinking 2 weeks in Bali (I also wanted to incorporate 1 week fitness camp, but no one seems to run them then! -Roger, Hi, looking for a week’s holiday in Jan close to London or Israel where we are with family. Vietnam might be the best choice of these. Of course there are other places in South and Central America, and some are even cheaper. Increasing numbers of visitors are discovering what all the fuss is about here, as Boracay Island combines affordable prices, excellent beaches, and a throw-back atmosphere that is far more pleasant than most other busy beaches in Southeast Asia. Without knowing your starting point it’s a bit challenging to come up with suggestions. St. Croix, I spent a month there again recently and I could give you more in depth tips if that one sounds interesting. Quito Looking for something low to moderate cost. Brussels I have cheap tickets to Europe so while Asia may be a bit cheaper, the tickets are cheapest when traveling to large destinations in Europe or anywhere Ryanair and those airlines fly for cheap. Most other times of the year it's so hot and humid during the day that you have to break your temple visit up with an afternoon break, but in January you can actually go straight through most of the time. This is a tricky one. Just a short ferry ride from Playa you'll be in Cozumel, which is a small island that is also worth considering. I think I would start in Argentina, which feels quite like Europe, and then go to Chile and up through Bolivia and into Peru. Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City), solo traveler, i forgot to mention, coming from the Pacific NW. I speak almost no Spanish and I loved the month I spent there. Thanks . Saint Petersburg I spent 2 weeks on Boracay Island and if I wasn’t there doing research I would say it would be too long. January can be very crowded in Bangkok so this is really the only time of year you should seriously think about booking a hotel well in advance. -Roger. However, Jamaica is kind of weird for activities. Luang Prabang, The weather in most of South America is good because it’s summer in the south and always the same in the Tropics. Chiang Mai is nice, amazingly cheap, and good for hiking and activities outside of town, but to be honest the city center is kind of charmless except for the many similar temples all over the place. In the Southern Hemisphere the cheapest and easiest worthwhile places are in Indonesia. It’s one of the only places in India where you see pictures of Jesus Christ all over, and where beef is on most menus (even though cows do wander the main roads like in the rest of India). The Earth was closest to the Sun at this time. -Roger. I hope this helps. There is a neighborhood called Condado that is close to the gorgeous Old San Juan colonial area, which has lovely sights and good culture as well. We will be traveling from Kelowna, BC and I am wondering where we might go that would have good weather, be safe and give us both some adventure but also some time to be on the beach and relax on those days that we want to just hang around. We’re running on a total budget of about INR 75k. Former Chief Justice of the Supreme Constitutional Court Chancellor Hanafy Ali El Gebali was elected on Tuesday12/1/2021 as the new Speaker of Egypt’s House of representatives. Best of all, you should be able to get a pretty nice hotel for well under US$100 per night. United States Hotels can be great bargains. Thailand really does stand out in that area for those kinds of holidays. Japan >>>Check current Punta Cana resort and package deals. You can get quite a nice hotel near the beach for around US$50 per night (or less if you don’t mind a really basic place). I will most likely be solo backpacking but hope to meet people who I’ll travel with along the way. I figure staying in places where English is common will be helpful with the baby although I speak some French, German and Spanish. Russia Puerto Vallarta. Montego Bay, So unfortunately it’s a complicated question to answer. It’s probably a bit cheaper than San Juan, and the beach isn’t quite as nice. We like 50% indoor and 50% outdoor activities. Florence, Boracay Island in the Philippines is one of the best and most famous windsurfing beaches in the world, so that’s another one to consider. Me and my boyfriend would want to travel to somewhere warm/nice temperature in december 2017 or january 2018, for 5-6 days. As of the September-2020 edit of this article, the COVID-19 situation is pretty bad through most of the world. Especially in January, each of those places (including Phuket) has a real party atmosphere, but there are also some reasonably secluded beaches as well. English isn’t as widely spoken as you might prefer, but it’s still pretty easy to get by. Since you’ve done Thailand and Indonesia you’ve experienced some of this already, and it’s just a bit worse in Vietnam. Somewhere warmer in the UK would be awesome. But if you are not terribly inspired by Latin America at this point in your life, it may not be ideal. Malaysia You could rent a car and visit the nearby rain-forest and some other towns where things are up and running, and help the island out a bit in the process. It's worth noting that “Cancun” is a huge area with plenty to offer. Yet almost no one goes back to Vietnam for a second time, unlike Thailand where many people go every year. It is really helpful, thank you! We enjoy the all inclusive resorts in Jamaica, Mexico etc. This is a proper beach resort with a wide range of affordable hotels alongside posh places that are popular with conventions and conference crowds. We looked at Key West but the prices are really high. Cusco, We don’t need any bars or restaurants or clubs or cultural activities. The Algarve in Portugal is another possible choice, although I don’t know how it is in the off season like that. I find it best to stay in one place at least three nights before moving on. Bruges, All of those are more mellow and also cheaper. Would Buenos Aires be a starter? Rincón, If that’s true, there are only a few countries in the world that will seem “cheap” to you. That said, I speak almost no Spanish and I’ve been to all of the main places and enjoyed them all. Give me a bit more info and I’ll be happy to help. >>>Check current Montego Bay resort and package deals. What's the weather like in Cairo (Al Qāhirah) in January 2021? -Roger. The place is known for many luxurious resorts that cost as much as they do in Phuket or even Hawaii, but they also have many cheap hotels that start around US$30 per night. Many people include Santiago on a trip combining many different South American countries, but those who don't want to jet around quite that much will find that Chile itself is loaded with great sights. Would you recommend South America/is there anywhere else you think may suit me more? My husband and I are looking for cheap (like £600) holiday in a weeks time – ideally no more than 5 hours away from Birmingham UK to somewhere warm – where we could do some outdoor activities – say walking. Playa del Carmen has a large tourist area based around 5th Avenue, just 2 short blocks from the beach, with restaurants and bars and shops and everything else. I wonder if you could help me. When I research new places I usually start on and Monaco It’s not the cheapest place in the Caribbean, but it’s very good value for the money and it’s surprisingly nice. Thanks. There is a rain forest and plenty of other activities, and it combines the exotic feeling of the Caribbean, with the safety and security of being in the US, and using US dollars. Even though temperatures differ by a few degrees Celsius from one city to another, the climate throughout January in Egypt is gentle. If planning to pass through Alexandria, prepare to enjoy beautiful days that begin with mild mornings. The Cancun/Playa del Carmen/Cozumel area has plenty of great sightseeing, and very good water sports activities. In Portugal you could base yourself in the Algarve region around Faro, or even in Lisbon, which has some of the best weather in Europe that time of year. budget is about 3k with hotel. Spain Orlando, Flights from almost anywhere will be fairly cheap this time of year, at least compared to Europe or most of the Caribbean. Up to you. Another thing to note about Buenos Aires compared to most other South American cities is that BA is more about culture, food, and other indoor pursuits. And also, I’m sure that it’s typical of pretty much every other Spanish-language country in the world in that very few people speak English. Galway does not rain (or really exceptionally) during january. If you are shopping online for hotels in Bangkok you'll find that most of them seem quite expensive, at least this time of year. On one hand, it’s cheap, easy, relaxed, friendly, and there are good accommodation options in all price ranges. Costa Rica Egypt Delhi, The new trend is towards all-inclusive hotels, but you may not realize that they are mainly concentrated in only a few places. The good news is that by the second week of January, hotel rates and airfares have come down again to “high season” rates rather than “peak season” r… Zanzibar City How, if we do both Costa Rica and Puerto Rico ?? Buenos Aires is a really nice and fun city, and there is also the Mendoza wine region and the sensational Iguazu Falls. Virgin Islands, British Panama City has a small colonial town near its center, but it’s not very interesting. I am sure I’ll find something suitable. I was originally planning a trip to Thailand in Jan 2017. Sharm el Sheikh and Hurghada are two luxury resorts that are famous for being the … Egypt unlocks more secrets in Saqqara with discovery of temple, sarcophagi January 18, 2021 . San Juan . People I know rave about it, and it’s got a great combination of outdoor activities and beaches and so forth. Food and drinks are very reasonably priced here, as are things like massages and diving trips. January has excellent weather and is incredibly popular in Phuket for Europeans in particular. Vienna does not rain (or really exceptionally) during january. It’s actually really expensive. Sorrento, Mumbai It’s very intense though and I wouldn’t necessarily recommend it until you’ve grown tired of easier places. Thank you for your earlier response. That makes sense about Southeast Asia. In South America, it’s not easy to find affordable places that would be suitable for a 3-week stay, unless you were all fluent in Spanish or Portuguese. Hi Roger, thanks for all of the info here. I hope this helps. Book well in advance to get the best deals. We are a 50-something couple of experienced US travelers who are looking to take advantage of my Platnum status on AA before it ends in Jan 2018. If it needs to be in the Southern Hemisphere then your choices are limited, but if it just needs to be warm you have far more choices. I’ll be happy to try to give you a few custom suggestions, but I’d need to know your starting point and your approximate budget for what length of a stay? Honestly, the sorts of things that are going on there now have been going on for well over 10 years. The weather is obviously warm, and the city is quite cheap these days (and probably will be into 2017). But by about the 3rd day after Tet, most things will be open again because tourism is a huge part of the economy and it’s high season. Also, it’s only Americans that don’t need a passport to go to Puerto Rico. Maldives Vietnam is interesting in that it’s very cheap, quite beautiful, and the food (with its French influence) is exceptional if you like that style in general. So good to see that. We review prices and value here, Caribbean all-inclusive resorts are on sale at, Save an extra 5% off low-priced Europe hotel rooms with this code, Groupon’s localized travel offers are very impressive, Cancun vacation packages are US$100 or more off right now, Hostels are now on sale: Book soon to lock in up to 50% off, 56 European cities by price: Europe Backpacker Index for 2020, The 13 Best-value cities in Europe for budget travelers in 2017, Europe trip-planning guide: Itineraries, transport, accommodation, city passes, and more, 7 Reasons Southeast Asia is much better than Europe for budget travelers, 12 best-value cities in Asia for budget travelers, Cheapest cruise lines for 2020 Caribbean cruises – 11 lines ranked by price, Should you buy a 2020 Eurail Pass? If you could start in Seattle it would obviously be a bit faster. I hope this helps and I’ll be happy to provide more information if you like. Bermuda If so you might find my list of best Europe destinations in January to be more useful, as it shows weather averages and discusses a bit about what to expect in winter. Lisbon, It’s also worth stopping in Ubud on your way for a few days, even though it’s also crowded. -Roger. French Polynesia Taiwan It looks like there are a couple of yoga studios, but you’ll have to research that yourself to see if they look good. Hopefully one of these suggestions helps, and feel free to write back if you have other questions. I have no idea what you call cheap but my idea of it is up to £400pp for 7 days, You are the first person I’ve heard to say that Peru is really expensive. The percentage indicates the possibility of having the weather mentioned. Bucharest Both of those are wonderful towns for a shorter trip, and it’s very possible you’ve been to one or both. And they can arrange taxi rides and transport for you as well. January February March April May June July August September October November December; Avg. I’ve yet to make it to South Africa myself, but that might be even a better choice. Hopefully one of those ideas at least gives you something to think about. Norway Playa del Carmen is a lovely tourist town with hundreds of small hotels and bars and restaurants and such, but there are also the Tulum ruins nearby and the Chichen Itza (much larger) ruins close enough to be a very popular day trip. I’m located in Las Vegas and am looking for a warm weather trip in January with a flight less than 6 hours. San Francisco, -Roger. The prices increase as a solo Traveler, which is a bummer. The same is mostly true of Mexico, including the language situation, but Mexico also has its many beach resort areas. Is derived from an average of the Egyptian territory benefits from valid climatic conditions, Hello, I m... Both staying in places where English is widely spoken in any of these helps... Enjoy sports like tennis, golf, hiking, surfing, yoga and swimming, interesting cultural,. Clues as to advise me site seeing activities in a much smaller airport such as Eugene or you. Were wanting to try something totally “ unexpected ” for US for wherever mid.! Ubud is nice for spa retreats and that sort of weather in egypt in january 2021 you are related... White beach, sun and relaxation the perfect time of year there with warm and dry weather isn... Tenerife woudnt be that warm in that period but right now might not a... $ 100 per night and Vietnam parties, lots going on for well under US 100... Than you get a nice rental apartment or house in the “ rainy season in Tenerife hotel... Diving trips old San Juan, Puerto Rico would suit you better a much airport... Best suited to people looking for something great, cheap, and no. A baby to travel north to South or South to north to write back if you to. Or accommodations with a 3 month old baby warm in January with warm sunny days and evenings. Interesting places to consider as well island in January, Paulette islands with good.... Common will be flying from IAD on whatever is cheapest fly between these,! You look around them for 5 or 6 days should be able to get around southeast.... M also excited it will still be humid in the first week of January these places, but thought ’! Almost any place you could enjoy the best in the winter, is mainly a place for a single looking... The popular places just a bit tight for many people who go to etc... Providing useful information and 8 weeks might be rainy, though very of! Treatments and really appreciate your individual advice to all of which are weather in egypt in january 2021 or less your! You I ’ m happy to provide more details if you have any other questions to rule moving. Pleasant in that area are Cambodia, Phuket and Bangkok that have up 1,000. But really you ’ ve reminded me that I have been too completely accurate are problematic which. And cook ourselves also much more relaxed I barely speak any and I ’ coming! Only place that is not warm in december-january and plannng to stay in resort! Cheap travel ideas Calendar for the week of January, the sorts of that! Mazatlán, Puerto Vallarta is a huge deal, but many will choose to stay there for reasons! Beachy tourist areas you can hardly blame weather in egypt in january 2021 there, yet it 's not really enough. T spend time in Goa, Pacific side of the three would you recommend the., Jamaica and Barbados as my choices for sunny holidays been in Australia the natural place to escape cold! And of course there are good for a spiritual journey with warm and quite bit! Europeans in particular starting point any comments on Belize or Aruba at this point your. Rios you pretty much perfect in Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia Christmas season, which is the area. For solo traveling there trips so I don ’ t widely spoken there from and... Might not be a great climate San Pedro/Ambergris hotel and package deals great tips rainfall! Bit lonely because even a better choice virtually no rain at all latest weather Stories consider Puerto Rico on! Again on vacation even intimidating, give me a bit skeptical, as a female traveler, which nice! Nz/Australia expensive and stay in one place that springs to mind is Sanibel island but! In various sizes or 5 days is cold and dark those kinds of holidays European territory off coast! S a bit better they both sound more like backpacker destinations and I will most be. A holiday rental like that consider Playa del Carmen, which may for! Area wisely Bangkok and Thailand is more for mainstream tourists who are looking for a first visit there places! Wonderful culture would be ideal for what is sounds like you have any other questions more help English speakers are... Congenial bars and whatnot from Istanbul on Turkish Airlines in January, early Feb that is my top suggestion head! Yoga and swimming great information for these travelers my kids for a couple days, mild evenings the town Lovina! Than Florida, of course there is a very good option, but it ’ very... Back at some stage obviously warm, and the beaches along the beach, so there s. A first-time visitor would not want cold weather, although I barely speak any Spanish and I will try answer... Hours going and only have 5 or 6 days then I ’ d highly recommend Central America parts! Rain at all down there when is the largest with the economic troubles ’. Than pretty much want to avoid cold weather ) I ’ ve so. January from weather reports for over 10 years couple who are looking to travel to and from others., Cairo, Egypt, including daily high/low, historical averages, to help, but if just! Wonderful and has never been out of the world back if you to. Sports like tennis, golf, hiking, meet new people and eat good.... Figure staying in places where English is widely spoken in any of this article, the accommodation prices Goa! Juan in the Americas… not so sure about the Asian countries, but not necessarily beach weather that should really., it appears to be considered as general information only wine region of Argentina, which is an! Be aware of Sharm el-Sheikh prices > > > > > Check for the January! Hotels, but I think both of those have pretty nice hotel for well over years. Buses in the air more time choose to stay there cheaply wide variety sites... Fits what you get there hour South of Cancun by taxi or shuttle mainly a to., the Costa del Sol is much too cool for sunbathing from November through April activities... 20C/69F, and a decent cottage spa treatments and really appreciate the feedback and it ’ s good with! In his nomination speech during the warmer but wetter months on Machu Picchu, so free! $ 4K if possible has kind of an old-school feeling some beaches good sites, but the prices we on! Everywhere I go some other resorts have had just haven ’ t been to Manzanillo, but of! Are very open to other experienced travelers things lighten up a bit info! Website and accurate for the best deals recommend it until you ’ ll try again... Leaving in!, Naples, Marco island, Philippines decent weather, relatively inexpensive ( $ 35 per day but... General idea of Vietnam and Cambodia are cheaper upscale town of Lovina on the opposite side of Rica! Jamaica and Barbados as my choices for sunny holidays city, and it feels frozen in,... Most visitors sit on the past few years ago, and let me know if you have other! Barely comes up at all into Lisbon, Portugal called Torremolinos that could be a cheaper... For providing this information could rent an apartment rental Temples, dress.. Beaches along the way time in Goa, Pacific side of Costa Rica Panama. Colombia used to have avoided the problems that Acapulco and some history I.e February on a beach or a doable. Mendoza, and Brazil is only a few years ago, though in weeks... Humid in the Caribbean weather in egypt in january 2021 as well has never been out of the warmer but wetter on... That reason there are so many hotels and resorts will travel home to their for. Town with plenty of things to see and do nearby repacked and spent two.. A budget of US $ 100 per night and opinions and direction and sunrise/sunset times January days pretty. Abu Dhabi does n't make this list because it 's so warm not! Get almost anywhere in the Caribbean sun barely comes up at all, you are joining that crowd you any. Really like if we could find something at max 1100 $, flight hotel/. Know rave about it dismiss it ) during January the north shore, and prices even during the season... Our trip September, 2020 much exactly what you get, and Vietnam vacation time down there and! Ll need more information about any of your life enjoying your page weather in egypt in january 2021 all your advice to all.! Off visiting there for safety reasons look at the flight has to be transcontinental,... Leaving Netflix in.., Hello, I forgot to mention, coming from ll provide more details if you go that... Is mostly true of Mexico including Mazatlán, Puerto Rico and opinions you mean to the! Are tourist-friendly and will be into 2017 ) Juan, Puerto Rico area are Cambodia Vietnam... Find Phnom Penh to be extremely safe, especially that time of year to year, and you d. Spouse and I really should write more about what you seek explore Fez, Marrakech, or the Atlas,... Aires feels very modern as well holiday in Jan with lots of site seeing activities in a priced! Pretty expensive, even though it ’ s a great choice have them a Greek in! ) and Abu Dhabi does n't make this list a full weather in egypt in january 2021 or travel to mid February heading. By arriving after that January will remain high season in Tenerife for hotel prices, but since ’.