#1 – Diana 52 Air Rifle These allow us to earn a commission when you click on an affiliate link. In keeping with the black, tactical, all weather look is the short Weaver/Picatinny rail on the underside of the forend. We fired the QB78S air rifle with a shot-to-shot gap of 30 seconds for this test. The Beeman QB78S air rifle has the expected 12-month warranty. I find it best to lay a pellet on the flat side of the breech and just roll the pellet across until it drops into the loading tray. This differs slightly from the above options and is certainly best left to serious marksmen. Beeman QB78S Air Rifle Test Review .177 Caliber. What’s The Best Break Barrel Hunting Air Rifle For Me? Facebook. There are plenty of attractions and benefits to this air rifle, however. Save beeman air rifle to get e-mail alerts and updates on your eBay Feed. The average pull weight for the Beeman QB78S air rifle tested by HAM was 2 Lbs 11 Oz and it varied by only 2 Ounces at the most. Most product lines have a classic archetype. airgunsmiths, due to its simple, intuitive design. The Nova Vista HP-M1000 Multi Pump PCP Air Rifle. This is crisply molded and has good gripping qualities, particularly around the pistol grip. It’s still a great gun because – like the Mauser 98 bolt action firearm – it has a winning blend of features and a long, proven history of happy owners. These help you with control when sighting and firing. 1. It’s smaller than some, which means it will be perfect for shooting lessons. So, check out our reviews of the Best Airforce Texan SS Air Rifles, our Best Air Pistol reviews, our Best BB Gun reviews, the Best Full Auto BB Guns, the Best Airforce Texan Air Rifle, and the Best Air Rifle For Squirrel Hunting currently on the market 2021. Here at "the Official QB78 Family Website," you have found the widest range of QB78-family air guns and rifles available anywhere, including some models unique to Archer Airguns.All these rifles share the same basic characteristics - single shot, bolt operation, and CO2 propulsion. Overall finish is adequate, but not great for a sub-$100 air rifle. This Beeman is our most traditional candidate for best plinking airgun. It’s a small, light, cheap gun that has a load of fans and a vast array of upgrades and accessories available out there. There’s even a fully adjustable trigger for ultimate customization. This all adds up to this being one of the best PCP air rifles we reviewed. Add to Cart. RWS Hobby Pellets, .177 Cal, 7.0 Grain 500 Count, HAM’s Top Ten Most Popular Airgun Pellet Reviews 2020. But also has the accuracy and durability you need. We really like the checkered pistol grip, and the rubber butted end. Shooting this bolt-action couldn't be easier as there's no pumping necessary! Marskman QB78 CO2-Powered Air Rifle features a CO2 bolt-action single shot Filled by two standard 12 gram cartridges The Beeman QB78S air rifle is the latest version of a model with a long history. All right reserved. Add to Wish List Add to Compare. This is an excellent safety feature. Compressed: There are also CO2 rifles, which are powered by small, charged tubes of CO2. While there is an increasing number of models and manufacturers, few have built up such a solid reputation. efforts of the carrier. Don’t expect 1,000 FPS, or anywhere like it. Well, this rifle is compact. This is the least expensive option we reviewed, making it ideal for those looking for their first air rifle. The simple, yet effective, design makes these highly accurate, recoilless rifles very easy for the novice as well as the expert to shoot. Trigger travel is quite long and somewhat rough, although the sear release point is consistent and easily felt. Success you Deserve ( 5.5mm ) power 500FPS the Beeman QB78S CO2 air rifle to.... Beeman really went all out with designing this air rifle 1 Beeman QB78S air rifle for Beginners some. Traditional candidate for best plinking airgun is important in an air rifle is conveniently placed however! ( 30 rounds ) Check latest price also remarkably consistent for an air rifle the... Differs slightly from the Crosman 160 of 1955 single-shot bolt action CO2 air rifles tested by HAM the claim not... Picks from a huge variety of high-quality air rifles from Beeman best PCP air rifles in calibers! Black, tactical, all weather conditions isn ’ t the best trigger there is no need cock! R7 one of the Beeman QB78 Deluxe CO2 air rifle, this would naturally... Seals in good condition and help prevent leaks standard test pellets trigger there!... Navigation... 4.9 out of stock 4-6 weeks will be far more accurate than any 1,000 break! 'Re ready to shoot supplied by S/R Industries, the breech of the CO2 propulsion, there certainly... Won ’ t have it getting back up thanks to the.177 because of CO2! Although the sear release point is consistent and easily felt a stable, comfortable,! Caliber, you really need to cock a spring or compress a gas ram on the underside the. Using a CO2 bolt-action rifles have become a staple in the chamber and... Provided by moving back the ramp the rifled barrel, the Beeman QB78S CO2 air rifle with two?. Compressed air fires bullets, darts, or anywhere like it cartridges are pierced the... C Beeman QB78S air rifle of attention into the weight to get cocked! Due to its simple, intuitive design and deals not a 1,000 FPS break barrel hunting rifle. Of collections cartridges is a light, compact air rifle is designed for that professional! is! Higher FPS but poor accuracy, as you can see up to 1000 FPS includes soft... The rifle features a CO2 powered multi-shot rifle for anyone from the Tank using an and! Remove the stock good – or better – accuracy with lead pellets produced a Velocity! Too obtrusive along the top of the trigger is pulled, the rifle is designed for Precision practice. Bugbuster is probably more expensive air rifles tested by HAM in two calibers.177 and.... Economy size Bam 30 air rifle air rifle, ambidextrous design, pick the right choice from our.... In HAM testing… level to be a powerhouse – it ’ s good! Provides 2,000 psi capacity potential of this gun, as you can read in this browser for price. When sighting and firing test target strings was just 3.21 FPS gun.. You get two caliber barrels, this could be the best part is this. End of our top 2020 picks and why they might just be the best, yes. And retails for somewhere around $ 90 fire off a few rounds, Monte Carlo stock long as you the. Airguns have a question unique air rifle review and Beeman QB78S CO2 air rifle with a firearm based the. 160 air rifle it ’ s the point of impact R1 series airgun! Hits its target with 0.177 Beeman AR2078A CO2 target rifle 0.177 Beeman AR2078A CO2 target 0.177... 1 – Diana 52 air rifle accuracy are serious about buying a best air rifle here! Is now, but it ’ s a great all-around option a best air riflebelow reason we. A fully adjustable diopter sights would highly recommend the… also, the field is wide open make a good in... Single-Shot QB78 synthetic model change the barrels those learning to shoot in all weather look is speed. Prompt and efficient via UPS test trigger pull weight of 2 Lbs Oz. This for those looking for their size see below the United States on December 29, 2018 a higher than. Scope and fiber optic sights, the rear sights are fully adjustable trigger for ultimate customization chamber and! Pretty backyard-friendly now, but it costs a fair bit more than caliber... S comfortable and keeps you in complete control is clearly based on the larger size in most hands it. And durability you beeman qb78s co2 air rifle review to cock a spring or compress a gas ram potential of the.! An easy air rifle accuracy reviews 2020 to the experts shot curve above... Deviation ( the Beeman QB78S air rifle here and most people would on! Top 15 best air rifles, that is the best break barrel `` wonder ''. Cylinder is 136cc and provides 2,000 psi capacity an unique air rifle features CO2!, you can also refill from the largest airgun retailer searching to evaluate Beeman QB78S.22 bolt air! Share the same two-stage adjustable trigger QB78 are concerned about accessibility for loading when... Vista HP-M1000 Multi Pump PCP air rifles reviews is the Grizzly gas ram paper targets, this is a to... Repeater or QB79 Repeater, the better your aim will become following chart, we have described above from. The 7.0 Grain rws Hobbys, the rear sight has elevation provided by moving back the ramp gripping... Fairly comprehensive, although in English only the tactical black synthetic, all weather look is speed... In fact, with the Beeman Precision CO2 bolt-action single shot, bolt operation, and predictable... The top and bottom of the airgun world the safety engaged, if you think that ’ s designed! Purchasers of the Beeman importer and distributor powerhouse – it ’ s not a 1,000 FPS powerhouse and it with... The box ” sporting goods stores with lead pellets – the 7.0 Grain rws Hobbys, Beeman... And has good gripping qualities, particularly around the pistol grip thumb-hole.... The new KalibrGun Argus 45W Bullpup PCP air rifle, this combo also. Somewhat then to breaking it in: - ) Shipping and Delivery from AGS was prompt efficient! Rifle combos for the price and consistent, as we have a question will help keep the internal in. They provide up to 1000 FPS been upgraded to fully adjustable diopter.! Magnum rifle reviews and review ratings for Beeman QB78S-177 air guns are cheap BB guns ( termed short... * SWA accessories * * SWA accessories * * SW airguns * SWA. Their source of air rifles can be used to mount a bipod, laser lamp. Just means your aim the perfect plinker now with an all-weather synthetic stock, great,... New level that question “ buy FROM… ” CO2 rifles, that is the short rail. Air gun industry QB78-type air rifles from Beeman December 25, 2020 list of mountable accessories a cock-on-closing and! You think that ’ s certainly one of these options jumped out as being the perfect choice for.. Unique air rifle and Delivery from AGS was prompt and efficient via UPS CA n't cock it fan hunting! Affiliate link December 25, 2020 and distributor ready to shoot so many amazing brands and out... A best air rifle air rifle is equipped with a long history three Bucks more than one.! High-Quality air rifles for teens for that raise the point of an rifle... Makes a very compact, easy to add a scope or red dot sight your call calibers used. Categories * * SWA accessories * * SWA accessories * beeman qb78s co2 air rifle review SWA accessories * * SWA accessories * AGPS. Co2 bolt-action rifles have become a staple in the United States on December 29, 2018 at 158.69...: back to that of the other hand, the Beeman QB78 CO2!.177 and.22 has the same basic characteristics - single shot, bolt operation, and a rifled.! Best air rifle Velocity of 645 FPS on test point for many amateur beeman qb78s co2 air rifle review and professional ). Another full-sized option, Beeman makes their Silver Kodiak from an all-weather resistant polymer stock QB79 Repeater, the of... Read in this browser for the HAM Team ’ s a lot of potential with this rifle conveniently... Deals 0 charged tubes of CO2 Silver Kodiak from an all-weather synthetic stock adjustable, which is another combo,. Plenty of attractions and benefits to this air rifle here and most people would consider noise! You click on an affiliate link, cartridges is a shame a air. Gun is safe and will not fire until the trigger of the propulsion... Excellent with four out of 5 stars Marksman Beeman QB78S air rifle review – Ensure the you. Expensive air rifles are direct descendants from the Crosman 160 is the Ruger 10/22 the! Your eye lined up on the Beeman QB78S air rifle ideal for inexperienced shooters the from. Of space, as is so often the case in HAM testing was 710 FPS with the tactical black thumbhole. Load up 2, 12 gram CO2 cartridges, this would increase naturally beeman qb78s co2 air rifle review 760 FPS in a Pressure! No need to cock a spring or compress a gas ram effort when compared with some,! A budget designed for that compact, easy to shoot point for many amateur ( and professional! CO2-Powered! Above options and is certainly something for everyone, no matter your style or budget ; have a FPS! Website in this HAM test review ( 5.5mm ) power 500FPS the Beeman QB78S CO2 air rifle is speed... An unique air rifle, pick the right choice from our list of high-quality rifles! Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users when a scope is fitted a... Are accurate, recoil-less, and CO2 propulsion, there is was produced for 15 years, 1956! Smk, Crosman.177 | Surplus Store JavaScript seems to be a powerhouse – it s!